Innervzm II

Leaving Records

“Innervzm II, a companion to 2022’s Innervzm, is a sprawling, meditative collection from Los Angeles-based producer, drummer, and sound architect, Raays. The EP’s title derives from a conversation between Raays and Leaving labelmate Deantoni Parks regarding “archeology of self” as a creative methodology. Innervzm, as a concept, connotes the kind of soul work that necessarily precedes and renders outward action possible, meaningful, and effective. ”

Digital and physical album release for Innervzm II, with artist RAAYS and Leaving Records. Digital illustrations, animated Spotify Canvases, YouTube visualizers, cassette packaging, tour poster, tour visuals and tour merchandise.

Innervzm, Cassette Pack

Innvervzm II, Album Artwork

Innervzm, Equiinox Longsleeve